Micky’s Irish Pub Reopens After Months of Renovation

Luke Johnson and his mother, Dixie, were in town Tuesday visiting his daughter, Kate, a freshman at the University of Iowa.

As the trio walked along Dubuque Street pondering where to eat, Johnson, 44, of Dixion, Ill spotted Micky’s Irish Pub, one of his favorite destinations from when he was at the University in the late 1980s. He insisted on heading over and eating there. Continue reading


Ned Kelly’s Irish Pub adding rooftop deck

Ned Kelly’s Irish Pub, housed in a circa-1900 shell, will move into 21st-century mode with the addition of a rooftop deck after receiving a Certificate of Appropriateness approval from Littleton’s Historic Preservation Board on August 20.

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O’Connor’s Bar Closes; Complete Renovation Underway

For the past 81 years, O’Connor’s Bar, on Fifth Avenue between Bergen and Dean Streets, was a simple, no-frills watering hole with a fiercely loyal clientele and a just-as-fierce devotion to keeping the past intact.

It was one of the last establishments in the city with a working phone booth, tap lines were never installed, the naugahide booths and stools were held together with duct tape, and it exuded that dive bar charm in the best way possible. Warts and all, it was one of the best bars in the city, and a venerable old time capsule.  Continue reading

Irish Rover’s new expansion christened with prayer and a pint

Alan O’Gorman, owner of the Irish Rover pub and restaurant will beat the drum 7 times in June to commemorate the number of years open for business in Denver’s popular Baker Neighborhood He might beat the drum an extra 3 joyous times because he has tripled the size of his 54 South Broadway location with a rooftop bar/ restaurant, party room, and new kitchen. The opportunity for the improvement became possible when the space next door to him became available explained Alan. “I always wanted to do a rooftop but learned that it is very difficult to do structural work to existing Rover premises without having to shut down completely while under construction. It was a great opportunity to do it when the space next door became available. Also, we lacked an adequate size kitchen in the Rover to do more than a limited menu. Now we can offer significantly more on our menu. With the expansion we’ve added a private space which I hope to book private parties such as birthdays, weddings, and perhaps use as an overflow room on special occasions such as ST. Patrick’s Day.

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