The Potential for a ‘revitalisation’ of the Irish Pub Concept – Mel McNally, Irish Pub Company

anois…We have long held the opinion that there is enormous potential for a properly conceived (and delivered) Irish Pub concept which moves the original concept into a new realm. Our opinion is founded on the following;

-The global insatiable appetite which we encounter for concepts that deliver sociability, warmth, humour and good times in an accessible and stylised environment.

-The weakness of indigenous Bar cultures – UK, Ireland and Australia excepted – where customers seek concepts of substance which are intrinsically different and engaging.

-The over-exposure of the Irish Pub concept in some markets of less than acceptable quality has led to a dilution in interest  and driven customers away. However that latent demand still remains.


•Is about taking ‘Irishness’ into the 21st Century •Its about presenting an alluring culture in a modern context •Its about dispelling cliché’d imagry and attitudes with dynamic and contemporary alternatives •Its about taking the best of the culture and giving it a new look and new attitude and a new tempo



10 ways to get rid of customers you don't want

badcustomersSo, most of the posts here so far have either been about how to get more customers or what I find disgusting, but something I haven’t yet mentioned is how to get rid of customers! Yes, you read correctly. Every bar and restaurant has customers they don’t want, just aren’t worth the effort or you’ve just had a bad day and want to go home, so here are 10 ways to get rid of customers you don’t want today. Chances are any of these points will have customers moving towards the door rather quickly:

  1. Seat 6 customers at a table for 2 because “it’s the only table you have left”.
  2. Be within earshot of the customers when you mention the rash you can’t get rid of to other servers.
  3. Open all the windows and doors to “air the restaurant” when the last table won’t leave.
  4. Lift your customers up to dust the seat under them to “get a head start on the cleaning”.
  5. Discuss the horrendous cost of cockroach traps that you recently had to buy.
  6. When asked what you would recommend, point across the road to McDonalds.
  7. When cleaning the nearby tables, be sure to angle the cleaning spray so that it doesn’t hit the customers (we wouldn’t want them to leave now, would we?)
  8. Ask the customer every two minutes if everything is ok. If yes, return to point 5.
  9. Ask your female customers if having that cake is really such a good idea. Especially considering…
  10. Move the 6 customers from their table of 2 to a table for 1 because of “the recession”.

If all of this fails, you have the most committed and devoted customers ever in the world.

Treasure them…

If you want to keep my wife happy, do this….

black napkinMy wife is a bit of a fashionista (she won’t mind me disclosing), so nothing annoys her more when we leave a restaurant and she notices her little black dress is covered in white lint from her linen napkin. The solution?

Have a set of black linen napkins available for your female guests sporting a little black dress or black pants. You’ll impress them no end. Obviously make sure you’re not giving them out to women in white dresses because…well, you get it!

Happy Wife = Happy Life!

Paper Costs Can Add Up in the Restrooms!

How often are you replacing the tissues in your restrooms?

How much does a box of tissues cost compared to the paper towels?

Who is responsible for replacing the paper commodities in your restrooms?

Take a look at the picture below which shows the tissue dispenser beside the sink. Most patrons will use the tissues to dry their hands before turning around to see the paper towel dispenser. This might seem like a small point, but tissues are far more expensive than paper towels. Compare the prices in your bar to see the effect of everyone using tissues instead of towels to dry their hands. Every little helps in the current economic climate.

A better suggestion would be to have the paper towels located beside the sink with tissues moved elsewhere.


The Bar Owner who can't wait to break your legs

The problem with being one of the best sports bars in San Francisco—which Kezar Pub is—is that sometimes, it attracts the riffraff who have of late taken to writing their educated comments on the bathroom mirrors.

Cyril Hackett, the bar owner has decided that he has had enough and the notice below recently appeared in the bathroom. Anyone willing to take him up on this challenge?