About Us

Irish Pubs Global Owners and Managers Association is a network of Irish Pubs.

At Irish Pubs Global, we are working in the ever changing environment of Irish pubs and our mission is to create a global network of all the Irish Pubs around the world, to strengthen their natural connection with Ireland and to promote their role in both supporting Irish Diaspora and championing the brand “the Irish Pub” as a successful commercial venture.


6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. having resisted for a long time, am now up on facebook and very proud of all the stuff on Irish pubs global, a brilliant global initiative….

  2. Hello, My name is Yulia, I’m Restaurant Manager, Russia, Vladivostok city. Our company has an idea to open Irish Pub in Vladivostok. Do you have any experience in opening pubs in Russia? How does this process look like,what’s the price of author’s supervision? with whom I can contact in Russia on this issue? Waiting for your answer. Thanks in advance

    • Dear Yulia,

      Please take a look at our website. I have visit far east Russia many times. If you company is still interested in an Irish Pub, I would like to discuss this with you. I am based in Tokyo, Japan.

      Kind regards,

      Peter Jay

  3. If you are going to use the Irish theme for your bar please do one thing.Serve Guinness,and if you are going to serve Guinness please do two things.Learn how to pour it properly and use a 20oz tulip pint glass (imperial pint).I owned an Irish Import co. for several years which allowed me to travel and partake of many different Irish Pubs, If the Guinness wasn’t poured properly it was sent back, you don’t have to do this, the majority of people won’t know the difference,but there is a right way.

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