About The Bar Blogger

Hi there,

My name is Barry Chandler and I’m a 16 year veteran of the hospitality industry.

In this time, I have worked everywhere from five star hotels in Ireland & Austria to being part of the management team in bar & nightclub complexes, served as cost controller on a five star and a six star cruise line, established a hospitality cost control consulting company which to date has worked with more than 300 bar, restaurant and hotel clients, setup six different hospitality management resource websites that have helped more than 2500 businesses in the last four years to reduce their costs and improve their profits.

I apprenticed as a hotel manager in a five star hotel in Ireland, qualified in International Food & Beverage Management & Cookery from a leading Austrian Hospitality School, served as Chairperson of the Young Irish Hospitality Institute as well as on the board of the Irish Hospitality Institute. In 2007, our Irish bar management resource website was voted Best Business to Business Website in Ireland and three of Ireland & the UK’s leading Hospitality Colleges license our tools and templates for their college campuses each year.

What you’ll find here are my thoughts on whats being done well and whats being done poorly in bars, restaurants and hotels.

You’ll also get occasional news stories that I think are worth commenting on.

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Barry Chandler


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