New pub coming to Reading

A second Irish pub is planning to plants its green, white and orange flag in Reading, with plans in the works for The Bunratty Tavern joining Grumpy Doyle’s as a destination for Guinness and other pub fare.

According to Town Manager, Peter Hechenbleikner, there will be a new Irish Pub coming to Reading in 2013. The Bunratty Tavern will open for business at 622 Main St. in the historic M.F. Charles Building. Demolition is scheduled to begin at some point this fall and continue into the winter months; a full renovation is planed for the 7,000-square-foot site, which has been vacant for the past seven years.

Under the current site plan–which was recently approved by the Community Planning and Development Commission on Sept. 10, the pub will offer a full bar and will look to incorporate an indoor area for live music. It will also include an outdoor dining area as well to be used during the summer months.

Heckenbleikner noted the importance of attracting new business to the downtown area.

“The current property has been vacant for years now and it doesn’t look good,” he said. “We want to bring in businesses that are thriving, which is a vital component to maintaining a healthy downtown, and they meet all of those requirements…It is always important to bring quality North Shore dining into our community so that our residents don’t have to leave town to enjoy it.”

Hechenbleikner said he is really looking forward to having the current location rented and occupied and that everyone involved is really anxious to get it done.

Staff Planner Jesse Wilson reiterated many of the same sentiments about attracting new business to Reading in order to ensure a healthy local economy.

“We are all really excited about it,” Wilson said. “This building was one of the gems of downtown years ago and we are really looking forward to getting this thing moved along and bringing the building back to life. The current site plans looks beautiful and I think people will really enjoy it when it’s done.”

At this time there is no hard date set for the grand opening as the renovation process is currently waiting to get underway, but the goal is for the Bunratty Tavern to open its doors to the public shortly after the New Year.

Source: Joshua Stockbridge,


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