Pirate-themed Irish pub headed for Port Orchard

Brewery pubs have opened throughout Kitsap County during the last several years without moving into Port Orchard. Until now.

Slaughter County Brewing Company owners Scott Kirvan, 46, and Connie Jacobs, 47, said their pub, which overlooks Sinclair Inlet in The Beachcomber Restaurant’s old location in the Westbay Center, is just about ready to open.

And the pub, which is replete with skulls and other pirate paraphernalia, will have a different feel than any other in the area.

“We’re going for an Irish, maritime and pirate pub all in one,” said Kirvan, adding that the name derives from the original name of Kitsap County.

The latter was not a recent development, either. Both Kirvan and Jacobs are Minnesota natives who later moved to Los Angeles when they started a software company with a friend several years ago. Since the couple moved to Manchester, they have been Southworth Buccaneers members.

“Who doesn’t want to be a pirate?” Kirvan said. “Mom said I could be who I wanted to be when I grew up.”

That does not just entail a pirate fascination, though. Kirvan estimates that he has been brewing beers for more than 25 years and always hoped to have his own pub where he could craft them for customers.

He said many of his beers are English style. Kirvan said among others he enjoys brewing include German Pilsner Ale and India Pale Ale. He also will offer specialty beers throughout the years, including a Pumpkin Porter this fall.

Kirvan will use a “three-barrel brew system, which makes about 100 gallons at a time.

“Beer is his real passion,” Jacobs said.

Kirvan said he is aiming to maintain about a half dozen of his own beers on tap. Slaughter County Brewing Company will not carry major national brands. Instead, Kirvan said the remainder of the taps will contain other local craft beers.

There are about 150 seats inside and outside of the pub to drink. Kirvan said the bar actually came from a bar in Reno, Nev., but required some repurposing work because it was used as a video-poker machine there. In addition to the bar and its surrounding tables, there are couches in the establishment.

“We’ve been getting a lot of stuff on Craigslist,” Jacobs said.

She acknowledges the couches give Slaughter County Brewing Company a different feeling than other pubs and bars in the area featuring myriad big-screen TVs and pool tables.

“We’re trying to keep it fun,” Jacobs said. “We want to give it a coffeehouse feeling.”

That does not mean there will not be television for athletic events, but both said it will not be a sports bar. Or a club, for that matter. Hours are not set yet, but Kirvan said the pub likely will close earlier than many in the area.

Despite that, he thinks Slaughter County Brewing Company will fill a niche in the South Kitsap market.

“People like breweries,” Kirvan said. “They like locally made beer.”

Source:  BRETT CIHON, portorchardindependent.com


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