Red Leprechaun Opens

Although the little guys are known for wearing green, The Red Leprechaun is Long Beach’s newest Irish-American pub.

With a quiet opening last weekend at 4000 E. Anaheim St., owner Tracy Ames said the restaurant has already been crowded with expectant customers who are excited that the eatery has replaced a vacant former video store. She said most customers walked to The Red Leprechaun and are neighbors eager to try a new restaurant in the area.

“This is a community-based type of restaurant,” Ames said. “We serve Irish-American food and we’ve got a 1901 Brunswick mahogany bar and a community table … there’s a lot of dark green in there and it is an authentic Irish pub.”

The restaurant serves Irish classics as well as dishes with an American spin. Also, The Red Leprechaun’s charms include a selection of craft beers and wine.

For details about The Red Leprechaun, call 494-8726.

Source: Ashleigh Ruhl,


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