Irish cuisine ‘Stones Throw’ away

Students can expect a modern Irish experience when dining at Bowling Green’s latest attraction The Stones Throw: Tavern & Grill.

The Stones Throw, which opened its kitchen June 29, looks to provide its customers with the welcoming atmosphere of an authentic Irish pub, said Nicki Pelham, co-owner and marketing coordinator of The Stones Throw.

“[My husband and I] have always felt welcome when we’ve visited an Irish pub,” she said. “They all had a lot of the same characteristics of our Bowling Green community; we thought it would be a great addition to the Bowling Green community, and it was something that our historic downtown needed.”

Students can expect quality meals and authentic Irish food, said Rick Trevino, head chef at The Stones Throw.

“My main goal is to produce quality meals, keep the food fresh and to keep it local,” he said. “I want to keep everything here in the community, and to make sure customers get a real taste of Irish cuisine.”

The food is prepared from scratch and all battered by hand, Trevino said.

“No one does Irish cuisine around here like we are doing,” he said.

The pub looks to provide customers with not only quality Irish meals, but also quality service, Pelham said.

“We have some very talented people on our team — giving our guests the best possible experience,” she said. “We’re getting a great response to what we are providing to the


Clint Dowdle, a first time customer to the pub, said the service and food make it a quality restaurant for the Bowling Green community.

“I am really enjoying it,” he said. “The food is fantastic and the service is excellent, it’s something different that BG needed.”

Larry Plante, also a first-time customer, said the food and service have been welcoming, but the pub is missing one characteristic.

“I hope that in the future there is live music to make this an authentic Irish pub,” he said.

Nicki Pelham said she is hoping to give the pub a traditional Irish feel with phase two of the opening of the

restaurant. Phase two includes further renovations such as seating, an area for live entertainment and games.

Phase two of the pub is planned to open in late August, accoring to the pub’s website.

“[There will be] more warm and inviting seating areas, the area for live music will be vibrant and when there is no live music, guests can spark up some friendly competition with a game of darts or skee-ball,” she said.

Some customers think The Stones Throw is different than most restaurants in town.

“I think a lot of places around here are too similar,” Dowdle said. “It adds a new flavor and culture to the town.”

Jeri Plante, an incoming freshman, agreed the pub is diverse in comparison to most restaurants in town.

“I think there is a different kind of atmosphere here,” she said. “It adds some variety to the town.”

The Stones Throw maintains the friendly Irish pub feeling atmosphere and is looking to expand it, Pelham said.

“There are a lot of environmental elements that you would see in Ireland here — but with a trendy vibe,” she said. “And when phase two opens hopefully our community is going to be blown away once again with the atmosphere.”



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