local writer launches new book at the claddagh

Claddagh Irish Pub Brewery District we are very proud of our loyal patron Mr. Michael G. Lloyd who has just published his book “Bull of Heaven”

pictured here with the first print copy at Claddagh on the day it arrived. 

We are delighted to have traveled the journey of writing this book with Mike
who has passed many an hour at our establishment working on this 8 year
project and as a result is the customer with the most number of rewards
point miles ahead of anyone else. He has his own spot at the bar, he even
has his own personalized sweetener caddy to keep up with the buckets of iced
tea he consumes!

We enjoy the pleasure of regular updates , discussions, questions, pictures,
anxious and long waits and all the other parts come with writing and
completing such a project. Michael has not only become one of our favorite
guests but a close friend to all staff and management alike.

We are so proud to host Michael’s local book launch party here at Claddagh on
July 21st to be able to celebrate all he has achieved and are even prouder
of the mention Claddagh gets in the acknowledgments section of the book!

Wishing you every success as the journey continues Michael!

Source: Deirdre Byrne, claddaghirishpubs.com

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