Another new franchise restaurant eyes Redding

A Florida-based Irish pub, sports bar and family restaurant has eyes on Redding for its latest franchise.

Of Beef ‘O’ Brady’s more than 213 stores nationwide, Redding’s size, central location and demographic similarities to the chain’s outfits in the Southeastern United States make it the perfect spot for a new restaurant, said Gene Savage, director of franchise development for Family Sports Concepts Inc., the chain’s parent company.

“We do very well in smaller local communities such as Redding,” he said. “It’s larger than Red Bluff, it’s larger than a lot of the small areas between (Oregon) and the Sacramento market.”

One location will open in Southern California at the end of the month, he said, and a store opened in Boise, Idaho, last summer, Savage said.

“Opening one in Southern California, it would just be another jewel in the crown to get one in Northern California,” he said.

The menu includes American classics such as buffalo chicken wings, fresh Angus burgers and potato skins, as well as some Irish classics like corned beef sandwiches.

The restaurant also features community room and miniature televisions at each table and encourages individuality and personalized touches at each chain, Savage said.

Frank Strazzarino, president of the Greater Redding Chamber of Commerce, said competition could be stiff in the restaurant-happy city.

“There’s certainly a lot of restaurants opening in Redding and some outstanding locally owned restaurants. It’s a competitive market out there,” he said. “The question is, is there enough room for all the restaurants that have been opening? As much as we’re excited about the renaissance downtown, we just want to make sure that there’s enough room for everybody to be successful, but it’s a free market.”

The restaurant is known for its melding of a family-friendly atmosphere and menu with a sports bar and Irish pub, and Beef ‘O’ Brady’s unique blend of all three styles brands it for success, even in Redding’s heavily chained restaurant market, Savage said.

“If you take those three elements and really look at anyone else who claims to be a sports bar, you’ll find that they have strength in one but leave a void in another,” he said.

Kenny Breedlove, one of the owners of downtown’s Shameless O’Leery’s, said his Irish pub seems to be different enough from the chain to hold its own.

“It sounds like these guys will be more focused on food and family. We are absolutely a restaurant, it’s just that on top of that, we focus on sporting events, 100 unique whiskeys” and catering to the 21-and-up crowd after dinner ends, he said.

Savage said the company is in the works of finding a franchisee, but if plans pan out, a restaurant likely would open by the end of 2013.

He said the Redding store could employ anywhere from 25 to 40 workers, but he didn’t know where the restaurant might open. He wouldn’t specify which companies, but said some already have shown interest in developing the franchise.

Source: Alayna Shulman,


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