Customer service with Irish charm

It’s not often that I’m taken aback by an offer in a bar – and yet this happened on a Sunday night in Feilding.

We were at Murray’s Irish Bar, a cosy place with a great atmosphere reminiscent of many local pubs in the land of the shamrock.

The walls are covered with all things Irish and even the frontage of the building has been plastered to resemble the old white-painted cob buildings.

After ordering at the bar, we started with homemade pate with toasted ciabatta. This was definitely homemade, presented in a ramekin with its own buttery topping. The pate was smooth and nicely flavoured.

For mains we’d ordered steak and Guiness pie and fish of the day, which the specials board said was terakihi.

Halfway through our entree, the barman/waiter came over to apologise that the terakihi had run out and had been replaced by gurnard. He was apologetic they had been tardy in changing the specials sign.

He offered me the choice of the gurnard or anything else off the menu, and even if it was more expensive, they would only charge the same as the fish.

Our meals duly arrived. The pie had wonderfully tender pieces of steak that had been slow-cooked in Guinness and topped with flaky pastry. Though it could have done with a tad more sauce, it was well flavoured and a generous-sized meal, served with fries and salad.

My fish was perfectly cooked and teamed up well with the tasty kumara, pumpkin and feta cake.

It also was served with a salad.

Our waiter also delivered the additional news that as I hadn’t been able to have the terakihi they wouldn’t be charging for the pate. Now that was unexpected, and showed top-class customer service. I had been more than happy with the replacement gurnard, so this extra offer was appreciated and worth noting.

Murray’s wine list also rates a mention. Though not extensive, it has some wines you wouldn’t expect on a pub wine list and at a reasonable price.

Desserts are also well priced at $9 and are made on the premises. My friend enjoyed a citrus brulee, with its crunchy topping and delicious layers of warm-to-cold custard underneath.

My sticky date pudding was served with butterscotch sauce and icecream. It was delicious and a wonderful end to a pleasant meal.



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