Augur’s Irish Pub, Guilford. Just A Great Place To Hang With Friends

Augur’s Irish Pub in Guilford is just one of my favorite places to hang when I want to have a nice night out with friends. My only problem is that due to my schedule I don’t get to hang here as much as I used to. I can say how it’s THE place to meet your friends and enjoy some serious burgers and soups, and then stay for the entertainment. Open Mike nightsTrivia, or live music on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and how the bands are just perfect for having great music that you can dance to, yet still carry on a conversation. I could say that, but thinking I am going to give you my top something reasons for you to check out Augur’s Irish Pub in Guilford.

  1. The fact that this is decorated exactly like a pub you would find in Ireland. Deep dark wood, bookcases with REAL books for you to read. Old doors used to partition parts of the bar, even to create a nice private space to carry on a serious conversation.
  2. Great owners (Craig and Kim) who make it a point to talk to their patrons.
  3. Guinness on tap. None of this bottled or in a can stuff. And they know how to pour it as well. With Guinness, it does make a difference.
  4. The Burgers. Some of the best burgers around. Whether you like it plain bare and naked, or as a“Buffalo Burger, or one of my absolute favorites. The “J.A. Burger”. This is a tribute to the classic Jim Augur Burger. LTO, mayo, and a fried egg. I know some of you are scratching your head on that, but it is a must try. And there is a story behind this, so if Craig is in the bar, you have to ask him. I know, but I ain’t telling because I want you to try the burger and hear the story first hand.
  5. Mom’s Homemade Soup. Seriously, made by Mom and everything you remember your Mom’s soup to be. The kind that you wish you could make at home, but just don’t have the time for. I know we said Mom’s, but Craig also makes a wicked good French Onion. But back to Mom. The stews are hardy and perfect for the cooler days, actually, they totally rock year round. Chicken pot pie, or one of the best soups you will ever have, Cheddar BratwurstA must try bucket list thing. Again, you gotta trust me on that one.
  6. You do not have a real Irish Pub unless you can put out the best corn beef in any town. AndAugur’s does exactly that. It’s not just finding the best corn beef, but also in how you cook it, and how you cut it. Augurs has all of these down to a science. Many say it is the best they ever had, and quite honestly, I can’t argue that point. You can have it straight up, or in a Reuben. Let’s face facts,Reuben’s totally rule…
  7. Their Lobster Roll. I know, Irish Pub yada yada yada. But this is New England. And we have more than our share of Irish Folk and they love lobster just as much as anyone. Again, you have to know what you are doing with lobster rolls, and they do.
  8. Guinness: I always mention it twice…
  9. Trivia: Every Tuesday is Trivia Night. $10 per team, and winner walks away with a gift certificate. A great way to have some fun and unwind…

10. Open Mike Night: Join Dave Lefkin every Wednesday Night. Bring your instrument, and plug in and play away. You need a little help? That’s what Dave is there for. I have seen him for many years now, and trust me when I tell this guy has got talent. They also feature a Beat the Clock special

11.  Yes, this list goes to 11: Live Music every Thursday, Friday AND Saturday! And the rule of thumb at Auger’s is that it has to be good, but at a level where you can still hold a conversation. Very cool..

I know I could go on, but I am pretty sure you are getting the drift here. When in Guilford, treat yourself, and stop by Augur’s. Just tell Ed sent you.

Source: Edwin Bartlett,


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