Irish pub coming to former Station House

Residents soon should be able to experience authentic Irish cuisine and brew without having to pay for a trip to Ireland.

Resident Thomas O’Dowd, a kerryman himself, is just about ready to open the doors of the pub in the former Station House restaurant and pub at 11 Fourth St.

The space is being reconfigured inside to provide an authentic atmosphere similar to the
small eateries and watering holes typically found in Ireland.

Even the name of the pub, Cara, will exude that traditional Irish feel, as it’s an old Irish word for the term “friend.”

O’Dowd said he “found a love for Dover” that made him want to locate his first restaurant venture here. O’Dowd said though he and his wife love the Garrison City, they haven’t found an establishment in town that, in their opinion, targets older residents.

“We are looking to create a more mature place in town that will attract people who are in their 30s or older,” said O’Dowd. “I’m hoping the business community will make this their home.”

O’Dowd and his crew of workers have left no part of the former Station House Restaurant unscathed, installing a new bar, seating and entertainment areas.

Upon entering the front of the building, guests will have the option of sitting in a small section to the right for a formal, sit-down dining experience, or to the left where there will be couches and chairs for lounging. It is in this section that O’Dowd said he hopes the local business folk will come, sit, and discuss topics such as “politics, real estate and money.”

In the center is the bar that will feature 24 tapped brews, carrying all of the Irish standards as well as some select craft beers, according to O’Dowd. Also located in the center of the facility are two oversized booths that are sequestered just enough from one another to provide a more intimate space for conversation.

There is an area in front of a small, raised stage to allow guests to dance along to the tunes played by visiting musical acts. O’Dowd also created an area in the rear of the pub that will soon be filled with pool tables and dart boards.

“It’ll be a place you’ll look forward to,” said O’Dowd of his business.

O’Dowd told Foster’s he has not set an exact date for the opening of Cara, but it is tentatively slated for early June.



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