New Irish pub coming to Montague Street, The Custom House

When long-time Montague Street mainstay, Italian eatery La Traviata closed in November of 2011, Brooklyn Heights residents wondered what would take up shop at 139 Montague Street.  Brooklyn Heights residents need not wonder any longer.  The Custom House, an Irish gatro pub, is expected to open its doors between Clinton Street and Henry Street soon.

In the past few weeks, 139 Montague Street has been undergoing renovations.  The La Traviata sign was taken town to reveal an old Hebrew National sign.  Since that time, The Custom House signage has gone up.

No opening date has been revealed for The Custom House.  Once it does open, it will be interesting to see whether a gastro pub can be successful on sleepy Montague Street.  There is already a successful Irish pub further South on Montague Street, Eamonn’s.  But Eamonn’s is close to the courthouse whereas The Custom House is further North, closer to the promenade and the residential sections of Brooklyn Heights.  So the question is, will Brooklyn Heights resident flock to or flee from Brooklyn Heights latest addition?


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