O’Malley’s Irish Pub opens with large selection of beer, whiskey

The new O’Malley’s Irish Pub opens today in the formerBoomers space near 31st Street South and Meridian, and owner Rob Crandell isn’t shy about how great it’ll be.

“It’ll definitely be the best Irish bar in Kansas,” he says.

“A lot of places say they’re Irish bars but only have a couple of bottles of whiskey,” Crandell says. “For the Irish theme, I’m going to have 40 different Irish whiskeys and 40 different Irish beers.”

He plans a total of 150 bottles of beer and 20 on tap. The taps won’t be done until Wednesday.

“We’re kind of opening a little prematurely,” Crandell says.

He also plans pub food, including some Irish dishes eventually.

Crandell used to own Doobley’s on West Street, which closed about five months ago, and the Doobley’s at 2415 W. 31st St. South.

That Doobley’s had only 2,000 square feet, and the new O’Malley’s space has 3,500 square feet.

Crandell wanted more space for a dance floor – he plans to have DJs and karaoke seven days a week – so he decided to move.

“We just packed it up and moved everything next door.”

Source: blogs.kansas.com

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