Local bar owner hopes to bring new Irish pub to town

Throughout the next few months, Oxford will welcome new restaurants and expand its welcoming dining experience. O’Pub, the reported name of a new Irish pub, will be among the new eateries making its way to Oxford, hopefully within the next few months, according to Alan Kyger, Oxford economic development director.

According to Kyger, O’Pub will be located at 10 Park Place West, near Chase Bank. The location,Kyger said, is in a building that has been sitting vacant for a few years since the last business in the building left.

“The building where O’Pub will be has been vacant for a little bit of time now,” Kyger said. “If you’re looking at the side of Chase Bank, it is the next business to the right. A long time ago it was Austin’s Floor Store but it’s been vacant for awhile.”

According to Kyger, the building underwent renovations around 2009 in which the apartments on the upper level were redone, however the first floor, where the restaurant will be located has been empty until local owner of The Wood’s Bar, Ted Wood, decided to open the pub due to the building’s available space.

Wood could not be reached for comment.

Miami University sophomore Matt Kohler said the new restaurant will bring something to Oxford that will separate it from the other restaurants and bars.

“There is obviously a lot of competition with so many bars here in Oxford, so any new ones will have to provide something unique,” Kohler said. “It sounds like this pub will be able to do just that with both an older audience targeted and with the owner’s previous experience.”

Kyger said Wood is going for a low key and relaxed restaurant feel for the pub.

“What he’s probably going after is an over-21, more of an adult place and atmosphere, you know a little quieter and more low key than some of the other establishments,” Kyger said.

Miami University sophomore Drew McCormick said the restaurant would be a positive addition to the uptown area.

“I think it’s a great idea,” McCormick said. “It would give people a place to just hang out and drink casually without the sometimes overwhelming nightlight surrounded by the clubs in Oxford.”

Source: miamistudent.net


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