Ireland and Italy meet in downtown Erie at Scully’s

As the old saying goes: “The devil invented Scotch whisky to make the Irish poor.”

For Tom Scully, who didn’t have two nickels to rub together starting out, the whiskey and beer served in his family-run bar, Scully’s Pub, has left him holding the proverbial four-leaf clover.

The Scully family is preparing to celebrate 30 years in business. The month of May will be marked with weekly special events, such as a dozen wings at 1982 prices.

The final event is set for Saturday, June 30, with an “everyone’s invited” Scully’s Pub Reunion. “The number of people who worked here over the years, kids who came in faithfully while they were here in college — it’s staggering,” Scully said. “To think of our family alone — it’s going to be a grand event.”

Among the busiest of Irish pubs on St. Patrick’s Day, Scully’s has adapted to downtown changes by continually making the bar a “must-stop-here” place the year’s other 364 days.

Tom’s son Brian vastly expanded the food menu at Scully’s by opening a pizzeria in the pub’s restaurant. What? No Mulligan Stew? No Shepherd’s Pie? “Well, we like to say — Scully’s is where Ireland and Italy meet in downtown Erie,” Tom Scully said, with a wink.

It’s true though. You don’t find many pizza parlor menus listing an Emerald Isle Salad or Killarney Chicken & Cheese Sub.

The weekday lunch buffet is where Brian Scully and his staff get to showcase their kitchen’s homemade mashed potatoes, soups and gravies. Stop in Thursdays for the Italian lunch buffet, all you can eat pizza, pasta and salad for $5.95, including a beverage.

Scully’s is working with a group that will come to be known as the Downtown Erie Historic District. Details aren’t finalized, but plans will find Molly Brannigans, Scully’s, Sullivan’s and U Pick Six Tap House presenting a specific beer, wine or liquor label each week.

For Tom Scully, who’s always filled with a bit of blarney, May and June will hail many great celebrations of the man, his pub and most importantly his family. There may be some late nights, but Tom knows another old Irish saying: “Morning is the time to pity the sober. The way they’re feeling then is the best they’re going to feel all day.”



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