Limerick Pub Mural

Marnie Stanton, left, and Carolyn Peirce work on painting a mural at The Limerick Pub. Courtesy of Tom Stanton.

If you’ve gone into The Limerick Pub lately, you may have noticed a striking new mural of the River Shannon flowing through lush Irish countryside. What part of Ireland? Limerick County, of course.

The artists are relatives of the pub’s owner, Tom Stanton. Carolyn Peirce, his aunt, lives in Kensington and is a co-owner of the pub. Marnie Stanton, Tom’s stepmother, is a working artist and lives on Martha’s Vineyard.

“I have been working in the arts for many years but have never had the opportunity to paint a mural other than a giant cartoon of dinosaur bones for the Museum of Science in Boston, done many years ago,” Marnie Stanton wrote in an email to Patch.

The two women worked over Easter weekend, starting early each day in order to put in a few hours of painting before cleaning up to make room for the lunch crowd. Total time spent on the mural: 32 hours.

“We thought a Limerick landscape would be appealing and restful,” Peirce wrote in an email to Patch. They based the mural on some photos of landscapes in Limerick and the River Shannon, given to them by Tom Stanton’s wife, Monica, who has led touring trips in Ireland for a number of years.

Peirce tackled the sky, castle, and mid-range hedgerows, and Stanton painted the river, the vegetation, fields, stone fence and sheep. Together, they worked on the frame and the brown section beneath the mural.

“It was also fun because we really didn’t have time to be reflective because of the time crush, and I think it has a freshness that could have been lost if we had more time,” Marnie Stanton wrote in an email to Patch.

There may be more murals to come at The Limerick Pub, according to Peirce.

Source: Esther French,


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