A pub crawler’s home away from home

A pastrami sandwich from Brannigan's. Dylan Hughes, The Hornet

Brannigan’s Irish pub, Located in the heart of Downtown Fullerton, offers a unique and welcoming atmosphere to those looking to grab a quick pint or just a good meal.

Sitting at the bar is the best way to experience the pub, as the wait staff is friendly and fun to talk to and they have a good variety of beers on tap.

One unique feature of Brannigan’s are the beer tables.  You choose your drink and pay for however many pints you want, and you and your group can self-pour using retractable nozzles built into the tables.

If you are heading in for a bite to eat, you are better served by getting something from the regular menu, as the lunch specials, while less pricey are not that much different from any other bar’s standard lineup.

If you are looking for a good pub finger-food experience, you can’t go wrong with their fish and chips.

The kitchen also offers some twists on classics, such as the pastrami burger which includes a huge hamburger smothered in thick cut pickles, pastrami with mustard.

Most menu items range from $11 up to $15, but the generous portion sizes definitely give you bang for your buck. There are also a good variety of appetizers available and dishes that can be shared by large groups.

One thing that can be distracting is the lighting, while yes it is a pub and it is expected to be dark, there are some areas where it is nearly pitch black, so it may take some time for your eyes to adjust before you can even see the menu.

Another oddity is the choice of music, which is often pop music mixed with hard 70’s and 80’s rock.

Typically the last thing you would expect to hear in a pub while enjoying a pint is Lady Gaga, but here that can be a distracting reality.

Brannigan’s Irish pub stands out among many other establishments in downtown Fullerton for its authentic pub look, social atmosphere and making it easy for even a dedicated pub-crawler or someone stopping in for a pint to feel at home.

Source: Dylan Hughes, Hornet Reporter


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