Rosemont About To Bloom With First Entertainment District Openings

Scott Kelley of the new Five Roses Pub in Rosemont.

The first two venues of Rosemont’s new entertainment district—The Park at Rosemont—will open within days further sealing the village’s position as a major national entertainment mecca.

While most of Chicagoland’s 100-plus suburbs are in their third and fourth years of economic struggle, Rosemont’s focus has been on comedy, dining, music, sports and various other forms of entertainment.

In a tiny community (population around 4,200) big things and big thinking are the norm. The latest big thing, spawned by the big thinking of its mayor, Bradley Stephens, will start to unfold this week when the Five Roses Pub opens. The pub, named after the current mayor’s late father, Donald Stephens, who for more than five decades served as the town’s first and only chief executive until his death in 2007, officially opens to the public on Wednesday, Apr. 11. Three weeks later on Wednesday, May 2, Kings Lanes Lounge and Sports, owned by the same Boston-based company, will open. During the next two or three months, the remaining six entertainment venues will open one at a time. They are: When all is said and done, The Park at Rosemont, village officials believe, will quickly become one of the region’s hot spot entertainment districts located literally yards from O’Hare Airport, a busy interstate highway system and just 20 minutes from downtown Chicago.

“The room is stunning,” said Scott Kelly, director of operations for the pub concept of The Lyons Group, which owns King’s and Five Roses. He was referring to Five Roses’ main room, which is filled with gorgeous dark wood crafted by millworkers in Ireland and shipped to Rosemont for assemblage.

“It’s absolutely beautiful. Attention has been given to every detail. It’s the best build we’ve done yet, chirped Kelly.”

The Lyons Group operates 23 entertainment-related venues throughout the Boston area, in Connecticut and with Five Roses and Kings, two in Rosemont. Five Roses Pub will occupy 5,800 sq. ft. of village-owned space that comprises The Park at Rosemont. A walk through reveals dark wood, metal railings adorned with the image of a rose, multiple color schemes of brownish gold and orange crimson and a special flooring that unveils and old, wooden look well known throughout wateringholes in the Emerald Isle. The focal point inside the pub will, without a doubt, be its 90-ft. long L-shaped bar. For those desiring a more quiet place to kick back, a “Snug” or separate room in the back that resembles a library setting complete with fireplace, will be the spot to go.

“People will know that they’re in an Irish pub when we open,” Kelly explained. “We’ll have lots of live entertainment including live Irish music.

In all, added Kelly, “we’ll have 16 beers on draft.”



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