Cider rules house

Tomas Franklin enjoys a pint of Bulmers at Shennanigans Irish Pub in Mitchell St, where cider is the most popular drink in the house. Picture: MICHAEL FRANCHI

DARWIN’S love affair with beer is waning as a new beverage on the block is taking pride of place on tap.

Cider has become a big seller at Darwin pubs.

Beer is under threat of losing its title as the “King of Beverages” by thirsty British and Irish ex-pats.

At one of Darwin’s most popular pubs, Shennanigans Irish Bar, cider is their number one drink.

“Cider is our biggest single drink and Bulmers as a brand is number one,” Shennanigans owner Justin Coleman said.

The pub sells 10 to 20 per cent more ciders than any other single product.

Mr Coleman believed cider reigned supreme because of the many Irish and British workers in Darwin.

Dedicated cider drinker of 22 years Metler Murphy said he drank the apple brew for two reasons.

“I’m Irish and beer is sh**,” Mr Murphy said.

Darwin pubs have reported a dramatic increase in demand for cider with many licensed venues now offering it on tap.

Monsoons account manager Colleen Case said Corona beers and vodka remained their biggest sellers but cider was rising fast in the popularity stakes.

“You can only have a certain amount on tap and cider is definitely there,” she said.

The Cav general manager Dave Cannon, who has also put cider on tap, said locals had also acquired a taste for the sweetly sour drink.

“We are still massively beer, but cider is getting up there.”

Cider is experiencing exceptional sales growth across Australia, according to a recent Nielsen report.

Sales of cider have increased by 35 per cent in value in the past 12 months with 89 brands now on the market.

Vet Eliza Smith has taken up cider in the past two years.

“I find girls drink cider more,” she said.

Plumber Tomas Franklin finds a pint of cider goes down smoothly but he does not think it is the end for beer.

“Cider gets too sweet or too dry after four or five, unless you add VB – they call that a snake bite,” Mr Franklin said.



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