2 Gingers Pubs coming to Target Field

Kieran is back in the pub business.

“I’m going back into the pub business,” Kieran Folliard told me earlier this week. He was joking, of course. Sort of. The owner of 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey (and former pub maestro) is partnering with Target Field on a rebranding of its Twins Pubs. They’ll now be called the 2 Gingers Pubs. The small bars sit side-by-side behind home plate at the ballpark (one houses the organ player). Folliard said he’s in a mad scramble to get them redecorated in time for the Twins’ home opener on Monday. However, they won’t necessarily have an Irish pub look. It’ll be more of an “old-fashioned, summertime, front-porch feeling,” he said. I imagine Folliard’s signature cocktail, the refreshing Big Ginger, will go over nicely at the mini-pubs. In fact, 2 Gingers will be available in all of Target Field’s bars. Craft beers from Surly and Fulton are also new at the ballpark this year.

Source: TOM HORGEN , Star Tribune


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