DavisTweetUp to Meet at de Vere’s

DavisTweetUp, a new social media networking project organized by local residents and social media professionals, Blake N. Cooper and Danielle DeBow, aims to use online networks—specifically the power of Twitter—to connect Davis, CA professionals in support of local businesses and our community.

“Davis offers a world-class education at a world-class university; we have greenbelts and bikes galore; we pride ourselves on leading instead of being led. It’s time for Davis to lead on a new front: Social Media.” says Cooper, a Davis native who moved back home, after spending most of the last decade working in social media at the University of Washington. “The Social Media Age brings with it endless opportunities to organize, educate, and share, but it’s time for Davis to lead in helping bring ‘social’ out from behind the pixeled walls of our computer screens and back into the coffee shops and pubs! The aim of @DavisTweetUp is simple: to connect with and bring together our community in a new and exciting way.”

Which begs the question, what is a TweetUp?

“TweetUps are,” says DeBow, a UC Davis Alumna, local performer at the Davis Musical Theatre Company (DMTC), and associate at a locally-owned company “all about merging social media with the real world. They provide an opportunity to meet up at De Vere’s Irish Pub, or Mishkas, or at the Natsoulas Gallery downtown, to socialize with other members of the Davis community in a new way — to bring the Davis community together to exchange a few business cards, drink a few beverages, support local businesses, and have fun! Blake and I founded DavisTweetUp to support our neighbors and keep Davis local. We’re excited to team up with DeVeres for our first DavisTweetUp.”

Henry de Vere White, local business owner and Twitter enthusiast has seen the impact that social media can have for business.

“In today’s world you have the ability to interact with your guests on so many levels and through so many different mediums,” de Vere said. “Twitter allows me to have personal interactions with my guests in regards to their interactions with my staff and their experiences with my business.  More importantly it allows me to participate in their lives and interests outside of my business.  TweetUps create a space for your new found online friends and supporters to meet in person. I can’t imagine doing business without twitter.”

Source: davis.patch.com


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