Sensenbrenner fundraiser

For those who missed St. Patrick's Day celebrations, another shot.

For those who missed celebrating St. Patrick’s Day earlier this month — or for those whose memories of the festivities are a little fuzzy, rest easy. There’s an event for you.

Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner is holding an Irish whiskey tasting on Thursday at Murphy’s Irish Pub in Old Town Alexandria, a popular watering hole for the green-beer-swilling set. Glasses won’t be the only thing raised at the event, which we’re imagining is like a St. Patty’s Mulligan. It’s a fundraiser for the Wisconsin Republican.

Admission prices are tiered, and each corresponds to an appropriately priced brand of Irish spirits: $1,000 puts you in the Middleton (that’s a top-shelf brand) Class; $500 in Red Breast (a slightly less expensive drink) class; and $250 in Jamesons (that’s standard-issue, not that we’d turn our noses up at it) class.

Sensenbrenner knows that green isn’t just the unofficial hue of the Emerald Isle — it’s also the color of money.

Source: Emily Heil,


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