Raleigh Irish Pub Goes Through 160 Kegs Of Beer On St. Patrick’s Day

In case you missed the large St. Patrick’s Day parade and celebration in downtown Raleigh last Saturday, there were thousands of people watching the city’s largest parade and another several thousand people who took part in the festival and celebration in Moore Square afterwards.

The Raleigh St. Patrick’s event is one of the largest between Washington DC and Savannah and its popularity seems to grow every year. The parade winds around downtown Raleigh and then ends at Moore Square.  Smack dab in the middle of the celebration is the TirNaNog Irish Pub and Restaurant, which is right next to Moore Square.  The restaurant said that they expected this year to be huge with the nice weather and with St. Patrick’s Day falling on a Saturday and they certainly weren’t disappointed.

A bartender at the pub said they over 160 kegs worth of beer on Saturday alone and that doesn’t even include canned beer sold as well.  The pub tried to steer patrons away from bottled beer due to safety issues if the glass broke.

According to one worker, the pub’s tally this year is the most beer that TirNaNog has ever sold in one day.  On the Sunday afterwards, the front stage of the pub as well as a stockroom in the back were filled with empty metal beer kegs.

Moore Square and Raleigh in general is no stranger to huge beer sales, as the park also serves as the location for the annual World of Beer festival which brings in beer companies from around the world.  The Triangle is also home to several brewing companies including Aviator Beer, Big Boss Brewing Company, LoneRider Brewing, Full Steam Brewing Company, Carolina Brewing Company, and many others.

Source: The Raleigh Telegram


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