Fire at Delaney’s Irish Pub contained; owner hopes to open next weekend

Delaney’s Irish Pub in Morgan Square will be closed for at least a week after a fire damaged part of the business’s kitchen on Friday.

The fire was reported shortly after 9 a.m. on Friday, according to city of Spartanburg Fire Marshal Brad Hall. When firefighters arrived, flames could be seen coming from the roof. Firefighters cut holes in the roof to battle the blaze, and it was under control by about 10 a.m.

Hall said the fire appeared to have originated in the kitchen area. Most of the actual fire damage was centered near a hood for the stove. Water damage and holes in the roof will have to be repaired, he said.

A commercial fire suppression system over the cooking area and sprinklers activated to help fight the fire, Hall said. Water, both from the sprinkler system and the fire hoses, poured out of the downtown pub’s back door Friday morning, running all the way to Spring Street. Portions of Main and Broad streets were closed for hours.

Hall said he didn’t think neighboring buildings sustained any significant damage.

Delaney’s owner Kevin Moore said one employee was in the pub when the fire started. She briefly tried to extinguish the flames then ran outside and called 911. No injuries were reported.

Moore said the business, which is at 117 W. Main St., will be closed through the weekend. He said the cleanup should begin by the middle of next week, and he hopes to reopen the pub next weekend in at least a limited capacity.

“We were very fortunate,” Moore said. “The fire happened at a time when we only had one person here. The damage could have been worse. My goal is to get my staff back working again as soon as possible.”

Onlookers gathered near the popular eatery and nightspot just before lunchtime.

Jam Teso, co-owner of Monsoon Noodle House, said he could identify with some of the emotions Moore was experiencing. Almost a year ago to the day, Teso witnessed his restaurant, which is two doors down from Delaney’s, being consumed by black smoke and flames.

“He’s holding it together pretty well,” Teso said. “It’s one of those ‘I can’t believe it’ moments. As soon as everything clears, I think it will probably hit him.”

Teso and his business partners Benny Poon, Kanas Lam and Lee Wu are close to reopening Monsoon Noodle House. They began rebuilding the restaurant in late January after agonizingly waiting for investigators, inspectors and insurance adjustors to work through the case. Monsoon’s fire also started in the kitchen, but the damage spread throughout the restaurant.

“Delaney’s is an iconic destination in downtown Spartanburg,” Teso said. “It will be a rebuilding process, but everybody will get behind them just the way they got behind us. That’s one of the great things about this city — everybody’s got your back.”

“Kevin is a good friend and a great person,” said Ryan Traywick, co-owner of Cribb’s Kitchen on Main and Main Street Pub. “This is unfortunate for downtown. We need more good things to happen. A situation like this puts it all in perspective. Thank goodness no one was hurt. Hopefully the damage isn’t too bad.”

Traywick’s business partner, Raj Patel, recalled the day they opened their bar. Patel said they were unable to obtain two popular beer brands. He said Moore heard about their dilemma and promptly donated two kegs of the beer they needed.

“That’s just the way he is. He’s a good guy,” Patel said. “He was there for us, and we’re going to be there for him.”

Moore said he was grateful for the outpouring of support he received from friends, fans and fellow businesses throughout the day.

“I received well over 150 calls in the first hour,” he said. “That’s one of the great things about downtown—the support.”

Source: Trevor Anderson & Luke Connell,


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