Luck of the Irish

Many Irish thanks are sent to Alan Riley, owner of Dugan’s Pub, who did a terrific job planning and orchestrating the Pinehurst St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Members of Animal Advocates of Moore County believe this year’s parade honoring our military, especially those we are grateful to have home from Afghanistan, was the best ever.

The weather was perfect. Riley surely must have flown in leprechauns to work magic on that detail.

The new parade route ­accommodated so many more spectators that it boggled our minds, as they waved, shouted and clapped.

In the heart of the village, both sides of the street were jammed to capacity with joyful folks wearing large hats, Irish jewelry, green glasses and shirts. As they waved at the passing parade, they seemed to create an undulating sea of green.

Our AAMC adoption dogs, sporting green attire, were stopped, petted, hugged and held, especially little Cassius, a Lab mix that had lost an eye as a tiny puppy.

Residents of Pinehurst and beyond came out to honor our military, filling the streets with patriotism, gratitude and pride.

I don’t know if we can ever capture all that beauty again, but I certainly hope so.

Erin go bragh!

Source:, Maureen Burke-Horansky


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