Irish pair reflect on pints with Obama

President Obama’s (distant) Irish cousin, Henry Healy, and Irish pub owner Ollie Hayes had to change their travel plans to make sure they were in DC on Saturday when the president took them to The Dubliner for pints of Guinness.

But the pair told the Irish Independent afterward that it was well worth it. They got to tour the White House, including the Oval Office, and ride with Obama to the pub.

“Ollie sat beside him and I sat opposite him. I never seen anything like the motorcade, there were 16 or 17 vehicles and people on the streets were stopping and waving and the president was waving back,” Healy said, according to the Independent. “The windows were extremely thick, I’ve never seen glass as thick. It was the safest possible vehicle I’ll ever be in.”

Healy said Obama asked them about the Irish economy and what people “on the ground” were talking about. The president told them he had been “campaigning very hard” for reelection.

“I told him to make sure and check out his living ancestors in Ohio as they’d get behind him,” Healy quipped, according to the Independent.

Healy and Hayes, who owns a pub in Moneygall that Obama visited last year, are scheduled to attend a St. Patrick’s Day reception at the White House on Tuesday. They had planned to spend last weekend in New York, but quickly switched their plans after receiving an email from the White House asking them to come earlier so that they could meet the president on St. Patrick’s Day.



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