Obama hits Irish Pub to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

President Obama today sipped yet another Guinness in Irish pub only steps away from the US Capitol as he celebrated St. Patrick’s Day and got in touch with his Irish roots.

Wearing a moss green jacket pierced with a button that read “VIP GUEST – Tell’em Danny sent you”, the president entered the pub as loud cheers went up and the crowd fumbled to adjust their smart phone to snap photos of the president. The president spent some time shaking hands with the crowd present at the bar before walking past the sign that read “He who drinks and knows his pace is always welcome in this place. But he who drinks more than his share is never welcome anywhere.”

Upon entering the Dubliner’s front room, the president lifted his pint at the boisterous Irish pub in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, along with his ancestral cousin, Henry Healy, from Moneygall, Ireland, and the owner of the pub.

Soon after the president’s entrance in the pub, reporters started swarming in to catch the president gulping down his beer as the thick foam formed a mustache over his upper lips.

As the crowd chanted “USA! USA!” and “Four more years, Four more years”, the pub owner, Ollie Hayes, said that at least on the day, Obama could safely count on the support of millions of Americans with Irish roots. As the president toured the bar, a woman, who appeared to have had too many Guinness, requested the president to sign her face, but Obama declined politely.

Obama’s Irish roots were first discovered during his 2008 presidential campaign and the president continues to make visits to his ancestral hometown of Moneygall. His current campaign for a second term is also selling T-shirts with “O’Bama” printed on them along with four leaf clover.

A Chicago native, Adam Joseph, who was present at the bar, told about his brief exchange of words with Obama, saying, “I told him ‘Mister President, it’s my birthday!’ And he said, ‘Happy birthday.’” The bar tender, who pulled the pint for the president, said that he was given a 5-minute notice that the president would be coming at the bar at any time now, and said that the president finished his beer before he left.

Obama and Vice President Biden are scheduled to meet Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny and attend St. Patrick’s Day lunch on Tuesday at the Capitol.

Source: wendyzachary, allvoices.com


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