Bay City couple will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with wedding in an Irish pub

Lori Eichhorn and Jeremy Powers of Bay City embrace in O'Hares Bar & Grill, where they will be married on St. Patrick's Day.

With a beach wedding, there are always concerns about the weather.

With a St. Patrick’s Day wedding in an Irish pub, the atmosphere is guaranteed.

“I wanted something different and I thought it’d be cool,” Lori Eichhorn said. “People were excited about St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a big deal around here.”

So it is that she and Jeremy Powers will exchange vows Saturday under the iconic upside-down Christmas tree at O’Hares Bar & Grill, 608 E. Midland St. in the Midland Street Historic District on Bay City’s West Side.

“I’m half Irish and half Polish, she’s no Irish,” he said. But as the saying goes, everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.

Originally Eichhorn wanted a beach wedding in Daytona Beach, Fla., but she worried about the weather. When she realized St. Patrick’s Day fell on a Saturday, she proposed a St. Patrick’s Day wedding in an Irish pub.

All they needed then was an Irish pub.

The couple stop in at O’Hares from time to time, and Powers had been there solo when he played on a men’s league hockey team the pub sponsored. O’Hares was closed for much of 2011 but reopened just before Christmas under new owner Pete Schuster, and when he heard about the couple’s wish, he knew just the place.

Powers said there will be a sign out front for the 3 p.m. wedding, and about 75 to 90 guests.

“They really think it’s a neat idea,” he said. “A lot of people said, ‘Oh, I didn’t know they were open yet.'”

The Bay City couple, both 43, met through mutual friends on Facebook, Powers said.

“She thought I was cute so she friend requested me. We had common friends. I thought, ‘Well, she’s not a freak so it must be OK.'”

Their first time hanging out was April 23 at the Whyte Goose Inn, he said. “I walked her out, we kissed, and I realized she’d tricked me into a date. And I’ve been in love with her ever since.”

This is the second wedding for both.

“I did the big shebang and all that, so we wanted something fun,” Eichhorn said.

Her groom added, “We’re wearing jeans and T-shirts. That’s our wedding attire. We just wanted something laid back.”
Hers says “Irish bride” on the front and “Mrs. Powers 2012” on the back.

“Mine’s just one of those tuxedo-printed T-shirts,” he said, picked up at Meijer while they were shopping for something else.
Eichhorn said the wedding planning has been that way throughout, very low-key. The same lack of drama extended to ring shopping. She saw one early on that she favored, and no matter how much else she looked, she kept drifting back to it. Once they settled on it and she tried it on, they found it fit her perfectly and didn’t even need resizing.

Her bouquet will be green-tipped white carnations … and shamrocks, of course. His boutonniere will be similar. She also will sport what she calls an Irish tiara — fuzzy, green, with the words “feeling lucky.”

“We put on our invitations, ‘very casual, jeans and T-shirts,'” she said.

Powers added, “And I’m sure some people will show up in some St. Patrick’s Day dress, which is fine.”

Guests will receive beads from Eichhorn’s three daughters, ages 11, 15 and 17.

She said Powers has had to make some adjustments to living with so many women, not to mention their grooming routines. “It’s been five years with just me and the girls. They’re not changing their ways.”

The female onslaught doesn’t stop there. “All the cats are females,” he said — three of them.

He acknowledged his life has changed dramatically in the last year. “Yep. For the better.”

Powers called his fiancee an “amazing woman,” saying, “You put together a list of wants and must haves, and she’s got all of them.”

She smiled as he slipped his arm around her and she said, “He’s my life. Me and the girls are so blessed to have him.”

For their wedding, Lynda Clark will be maid of honor and Steve Lockey will be best man. Officiating will be Jody Harrow, a licensed minister and a coworker at Bay Eye Care Center, where Eichhorn is a receptionist. Powers works for Wilson Hall & Associates in Bay City and Kawkawlin Pawn Shop.

They will stay at O’Hares for a while after the ceremony, then move the festivities to their Bay City home, where they have a fully finished basement with a bar. The honeymoon will be something over spring break with the girls — maybe that’ll be the time for Florida.

In the meantime, there is no bridezilla and only a few last-minute details like picking up flowers. This past weekend, they went to Mulligan’s and played 3 and 17 on the Keno … and won $11.

“It’s been so easy and stress-free,” Eichhorn said.

“And our whole relationship,” Powers chimed in. “The only complaint I have about our relationship is that we did not meet sooner.”

Yeah, it’s like that. So sweet it almost hurts your teeth. But only a few days before a wedding, isn’t that what you want to hear?

Source: Beth Bellor,

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