Dún Dealgan Irish Pub set to celebrate grand opening

The Dún Dealgan Irish pub is located at the site of the former Minnick’s Bar and Restaurant on Sollers Point Road. photos by Roland Dorsey

Named after the Gaelic word for Dundalk, the new Dún Dealgan Irish Pub & Restaurant is now open for business at the site of the former Minnick’s Bar and Restaurant, at 7100 Sollers Point Road.

According to Baltimore County Liquor Board records, the liquor license for Minnick’s was tranferred from former owners Barbara Minnick, Daniel Minnick, Jr. and Del. Joseph “Sonny” Minnick to new owners Alexandra Van Dommelen, Kenneth E. Crizer and Kenneth Byers last November.

Van Dommelen and Crizer also own the Seahorse Inn on Wise Avenue.

The transfer came just months after last year’s June 29 gambling raid of Minnick’s, which led to charges being filed against Daniel J. Minnick and three others. The charges were put on an inactive docket last December.

As van Dommelen explained on Monday, she and her business partners knew that the Minnicks had been trying to sell their restaurant for years and they decided to “take advantage of the location.”

As the establishment changed hands, the new owners also began to realize that, despite the community’s Irish heritage, there are no Irish pubs in Dundalk.

The new establishment takes its name from the fact that this community was named after the city of Dundalk, Ireland — called Dún Dealgan in the Irish Gaelic tongue.

With the grand opening of Dún Dealgan Irish Pub next Saturday, March 17, van Dommelen and her partners will change that.

Though Dún Dealgan will officially open its doors on St. Patrick’s Day, according to van Dommelen, the establishment never really closed, continuing to serve customers following last November’s liquor license transfer.

While, currently, the only Irish fare on the Dún Dealgan menu is fish and chips, for the grand opening the pub plans to offer corned beef and cabbage.

As van Dommelen noted, there will also be a variety of St. Patrick’s Day drink specials.

During the daylong celebration, which lasts from opening at 10 a.m. to closing at 2 a.m., patrons will be shuttled between Dún Dealgan and the Seahorse Inn.

As van Dommelen explained, the shuttles will allow customers to take advantage of Dún Dealgan’s ample parking while enjoying specials at both Dundalk establishments.

Patrons of the new Irish pub will also notice a number of renovations since last November.

According to van Dommelen, renovations include the addition of a dining area as well as decor changes designed to give the pub a “refreshed feel.”

Following the pub’s grand opening on St. Patrick’s Day, van Dommelen and her co-owners plan to continue to spread the word that Dún Dealgan is open and ready to serve patrons of the Dundalk area.

Source: Nicole Rodman, dundalkeagle.com


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