New, Moving or Expanding: Jimmy’s Pour House getting update

This is an artist’s concept of the planned new exterior for Jimmy’s Pour House in Sauk Rapids. The $150,000 facelift is scheduled to be complete by June. / Drawing courtesy of Dena Hagberg, Jimmy’s Pour House.

Much of downtown Sauk Rapids has changed in recent years and one of the city’s signature establishments, Jimmy’s Pour House, soon will don a makeover, too.

Dena Hagberg, who has owned Jimmy’s since 1989 and whose family has run the operation since 1977, said her building at 22 Second Ave. N will get a $150,000 facelift this spring.

“It’s going to be a dramatically different look,” said Hagberg, whose business has 60 employees. “The exterior is going to look much more like an Irish pub. We’ve picked out a concrete product that will have a smooth shine to it and straight lines.”

Hagberg said the new color will be a dark green, which will be appropriate since the renovation will begin as soon as Jimmy’s gets through the St. Patrick’s Day celebration next month — which also marks the pub and restaurant’s 35th anniversary.

“That had a little to do with it,” Hagberg said of the remodel — which she added could be the first in a two-phase project that eventually could include a revamped interior and perhaps additional seating, though the golf decor isn’t going to change. “We talked to our customers and tried to find out what they thought was most important.”

Hagberg said the building’s bathrooms also will be redone in the first phase of the project, which is expected to be complete by June 1. To help acknowledge the occasion, Jimmy’s also plans to launch a line of new craft beers.

“Downtown (Sauk Rapids) has really changed a lot with the new buildings coming up,” Hagberg said, referring to the demolition of the old city hall, construction of a new Walgreens on the site and other development along Benton Drive. “It’s for the better. It’s been kind of a scary process, but it’s worth it because now the area looks good and inviting.”

That’s what she hopes will come of Jimmy’s new exterior.

“We don’t want people to drive by and think it’s just another bar, because we believe it’s more than that,” she said.

Source: Kevin Allenspach,


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