The Irish Pub: In Praise of Ireland’s Watering Holes

The Palace Bar, Dublin

The Palace Bar, Dublin

Ah, the pub. Cornerstone of community, culture and craic. Den of shoulder rubbing and bad joking. Where live music and lively chat intersect at a smooth mahogany bar.

It’s more than occasionally true that our version of ‘one-horse’ towns are in fact ‘one-church one-shop three-pub’ towns. And it’s always the pubs that will be full, noisy with debate shouted over a guitar, darts hitting cork boards and the crack of pool balls being hit. Sometimes the pubs elbow into the ‘shop’ territory, lining half the bar with tinned foods and newspapers, and, you might even say with a raised eyebrow, venturing into church territory with their own open-air confession boxes.

We don’t need to convince you to visit an Irish pub on your trip to Ireland but we do want to give you a little taster of the experience. How to stroll in, pull up a pew at the bar and order like a local. And what to say when someone cops your accent (that’ll take about 10 seconds) and ask ‘and whatya doin’ around here so?’.

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