Angry Londoners force Antipodean pub to shut

The Redback Tavern has closed but it may reopen.

Drunken antics by Kiwis and Australian expats in London have forced the closure of one of the city’s most popular Antipodean pubs.

The Redback pub in Acton, West London, has closed its doors after complaints about rowdy patrons.

Police were often called to deal with fights and other drunken behaviour, and the venue had been forced by the council to reduce its opening hours.

Despite an online petition to keep the pub and live music venue open, a statement on the pub’s website announced it was closed until further notice.

It’s thought the business struggled to remain profitable operating under its new trading hours.

The closure comes soon after claims Kiwis on a Waitangi Day pub crawl in London shamed the country with drunken behaviour including urinating in the street and swearing.

A complaint was made to New Zealand High Commissioner Derek Leask, but local police and a large number of participants said the vast majority of participants were well-behaved.

News of the Redback Tavern’s closure has caused a storm on social media, and earned a “Hitler Downfall” parody YouTube video.

The clip takes a scene from the Downfall film where Adolf Hitler launches into a furious tirade upon realising the war is lost, but uses subtitles to make it appear the rant is about the Redback.

It has already been watched more than 25,000 times. At one point in the video, nervous and visibly perspiring advisers inform an unaware Hitler the Redback has closed.

“So no more snakebites, flugles, jaegers or teapots?” he rages.

“Those pesky residents in Acton always moaning… this is not the end of drunken behaviour in Acton.”

Later, a more downtrodden Fuhrer reminisces as reality sinks in.

“Where else in West London can you get two pints for a fiver? … It can’t be replaced. It’s the end.”

However, all hope may not be lost – according the Australian Times, management were due to meet last night NZT to determine whether the closure would be permanent.

Source: Nicholas Jones,


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