If you’re into warm and welcoming environments, there’s a new place for you.

At Thatcher McGhee’s, you can feel as if you’re in Ireland without leaving Denville.

If you’re into warm and welcoming environments, there’s a new place for you. A place whose slogan is, “If you can’t come in, smile as you pass.” A place that seems to fit snugly in among the other shops and stores on Broadway, yet at the same time is impossible not to notice.

At Thatcher McGhee’s, you can feel as if you’re in Ireland without leaving Denville.

With its thatched roof, white walls with peat moss green trim, old lamps, and farmhouse windows, Thatcher McGhee’s does well enough to provide the illusion of a trip to Ireland without all the packing or flying.

The interior is pleasantly confounding in much the same way. As it is split into three sections, patrons can choose a bit more formal dining experience under chandeliers or they can go for an intimate family gathering inside an also-thatched Irish cottage that sits between the quieter, more formal section and the bar.

The bar area is tastefully decorated with assorted trinkets and doodads, dimly lit and with plenty of dark wood to provide a certain coziness to the experience. Bartender Celine Black, of Pearl River, NY — but originally from Ireland — noted that the vibe inside Thatcher’s bar wasn’t far off from the real thing. In fact, the restaurant’s slogan is a common sight outside of pubs in Ireland and much of the décor has come from there.

Thatcher’s manager, Mallory Erickson, explained that the owners, Aidan Downey and Brendan Madden, didn’t have any aspirations for opening up a second location of Thatcher’s (the original being in Pompton Lakes) but heard of a location and fell in love with Denville shortly after checking it out.

“Denville has such a strong sense of community,” Erickson said. “They’re very into supporting local businesses.”

And Thatcher McGhee’s has been doing quite well for itself since opening up just over two weeks ago. Maybe it was the 18 months of construction that intrigued residents, who passed by what looked like an Irish farmhouse being built in downtown Denville, but as Erickson mentioned, Thatcher’s has two-hour waits on the weekends.

“And people are waiting,” she said enthusiastically.

Even on weekdays at off hours, there’s a nice turnout of folks, some looking for lunch and others just looking for a place to talk, have a couple drinks, and watch some sports on the TVs that wrap around the bar.

The emphasis on a friendly and comfortable atmosphere is genuine, and whether alone or with company, it’s hard not to feel laid back and at ease at Thatcher McGhee’s.

As for the food, the prices are fair, the portions of comfort food are filling.

Thatcher’s, at 53 Broadway, is open every day, 11 a.m. – 2 a.m. Take out and catering are available. Call 973-586-3377.

And if you’re wondering how they settled on the name, it’s a friendly nod to their pal and master roof thatcher, Colin “Thatcher” McGhee, who has been thatching roofs since he was 16.

Source: Joseph Dimeck, northjersey.com


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