Irish Coffee – Its past and celebrations of its present

According to reports, this is how the tradition of Irish coffee started… Irish coffee is a cocktail that was invented in the 1940s by a bartender in Shannon Airport in Ireland. The bartender’s name was Joe Sheridan and, when he was serving drinks for some Americans on a particularly cold winter night, he wanted to spice up his customers’ coffee to give it an extra kick. He chose to put a little whiskey into the drink and when asked what the new drink was, he christened his creation as an Irish coffee.

So how did the reputation of the drink spread? One of those who sampled the drink at the airport happened to be a travel writer from the west of America. When he returned to his home, San Francisco, he was so taken with the beverage that he persuaded local bartenders to use the recipe and he also wrote about it in his magazine.

Of course, the drink went down a storm and spread all over the country. It is now a popular drink which is supped by many and is a firm favourite.

Perhaps it passed you by, but did you realise that 25 January was designated as the National Irish Coffee Day? Coffee seems to be an ingredient which is close to many people’s hearts. There are coffee festivals and coffee conventions – and now there has been a National Irish Coffee Day too. Don’t worry if you missed the Coffee Day – you can still make yourself an Irish Coffee.



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