Tampa 912 Project Set To Launch Brandon Chapter at O’Brien’s Irish Pub

The call is out for “Constitutional conservatives” to join a newly forming chapter of the Tampa 912 Project, this one focusing on the Brandon area.

The group’s inaugural meeting is scheduled for Feb. 13 at 6:30 p.m., at O’Brien’s Irish Pub and Grill, at the intersection of Lumsden Road and Kings Avenue.

“If you live in the Brandon area and have ever had any interest in becoming active in projects needed to win the election for Constitutional conservatives, you will want to attend this meeting,” according to the online announcement posted by Jeff Lukens, which asks for those planning to attend the meeting to RSVP online. “We will tell how to plug in to the Tampa 912 Project and its host of education and community activities.”

The Tampa 912 Project, named for the day after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, is billed as a “2,000-plus member volunteer non-profit organization that promotes civic education and advocacy in the Tampa area.”

The group “holds classes on history, politics, economics and current events, hosts candidate forums and debates, conducts research, and promotes social welfare.”

The group favors “economic freedom, a Constitutionally limited government and less taxation and government spending.”

Among the group’s “nine principles” are that “America is good,” the “family is sacred” and that God “is the center of my life.”

The Brandon chapter’s inaugural meeting is geared to “discuss priorities for the all-important year of 2012,” a presidential election year.

Tampa is this year’s host for the Republican National Convention, Aug. 27-30.

Brandon chapter organizers report, too, that they are looking for individuals to fill “leadership positions within the Brandon chapter moving forward.”

The Tampa 912 Project currently has a chapter in Pinecrest — the Pinecrest 912 Patriots — which meets in Lithia, and has received coverage from the Bloomingdale Patch.

Source: Linda Chion Kenney, brandon.patch.com


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