The wait is almost over for Edmonds own Irish Pub, Jack Murphys Bar

The word on the streets in Edmonds is that you are excited for Brian Taylor to open the doors of his new Irish Pub, Jack Murphys Bar on 4th Avenue North. I’ve got some news for you! I sat down with Brian today and he said he’s just about two weeks from inviting you in for some Irish & Pacific Northwest beers, spirits, and wine. Sound good? Just wait, it gets better. Taylor shared his menu with me and it looks so good! There will be six items plus 2 desserts. The menu consists of mac & cheese, pork sliders, corn beef sandwiches, bangers & mash, chili con queso, and Italian meatballs. Still hungry? Try their apple pie or chocolate cake. When Jack Murphys opens, you can order all these items plus some spirits up at the bar. All items will be served in a small cast iron pan and are $6.00 each.

Beer and wine on tap at Jack Murphys

Jack Murphys will be open Tuesday through Saturday from 4pm to 2am. The beers are all local or Irish ranging from Killian’s to Guinness to Harp and to American Brewery’s IPA.

It’s a casual and comfortable atmosphere where anyone could feel welcome. There are no TVs and a cute fireplace really warms up the space where Rick Steve’s dad used to have his piano shop. As most traditional Irish bars have, there is a “snug” as you first walk in. A snug is a place reserved for ladies, priests, and the police. Up until the 1950’s or so, this is where the ladies were allowed to hang out in the Irish bars. Good news is, Jack Murphy’s snug is reserved for everyone. Taylor said that he will reserve that spot for about 8 people for 2 hour time slots. You can lock yourself in there so the rest of the patrons can’t come in. It’s got a door that opens to the bar so you can order drinks and food.

Taylor owns three other bars, Daphne’s in Edmonds, Pencil Factory Bar in New York, and Daphne’s in Fairhaven. Each has it’s own feel and style. The Pencil Factory was Brian and his wife, Louise’s first bar. They lived in Manhattan while Taylor held jobs as an accountant, an attorney, and an FBI agent in the US including at Quantico. They lived in Union Square and were there on September 11, 2001. Taylor recalled this day and how eerie it was to be in the midst of people walking around with pictures of lost loved ones trying to find them. He and Louise both agreed that it was time for change.

A father, daughter train trip from New York to Edmonds with his daughter Kate sealed the deal. They arrived in Edmonds and came across Decedent Berries which is now Daphne’s. He was asked if he wanted to buy it and he just replied, “Sure”. The trip was extended due to the death of his step father and after he sent Kate home, just a few months later the deal was made. The rest is history and now Edmonds is lucky to have this New Yorker at heart and his Irish wife right here in town!

I asked Taylor why he was interested in opening a bar. His response that he had spent “a bit” of time in bars and enjoyed it. So why not? He found a place in Brooklyn, in the Greenpoint area which at the time was underutilized and took two trains to get there. After walking around the area for quite a long time, he chose 10 spots he was interested in. The number one spot then became available. That is where Pencil Factory Bar is today. It’s a hangout for local hipsters. In fact, it was just written up in GQ Magazine as the best spot to meet local Indie Bands.

So Edmonds, get ready…the wait is almost over! I’ll see you in about two weeks for a Jameson Irish Coffee with fresh cream!

Source: Susie Beresford,


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