Sonka Irish Pub Hosts Celebrity Waiters Fundraiser

Local diners got the chance to be waited on by some of the Wabash Valley’s famous faces, all while helping out a cause.

Tonight was Sonka Irish Pub‘s annual Celebrity Waiter Fundraiser.

The celebrity waiters took orders from customers and served food and drinks.

The event gives customers and celebrity waiters a chance to give back to the community because all tips the celebrity waiters receive go to the Terre Haute Humane Society.

Event organizers say it’s important to remind people of the things the Humane Society does for animals and the community.

“My husband and I are big supporters of animals, as well as my staff. I think people need to be more aware of all the wonderful pets that are sitting in the Humane Society, waiting to be adopted and to make people realize how important they are in the community,” says Sonka Irish Pub owner Sandy Boyles-Gillen.

Anyone who donated to the Humane Society tonight received a free turkey dinner from the pub.



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