Minnesota pub to pour its 10,000th Jameson shot

Charlie’s Irish Pub in Stillwater, MN, located within the confines of the Water Street Inn, is currently running a contest for patrons in which they can guess when the popular Irish bar’s 10,000th serving of Jameson Irish Whiskey will be poured.

Charlie's Irish Pub at the Water Street Inn in Stillwater, MN is running a competition for Jameson enthusiasts.

The pub expects the shot to be poured sometime in December, and has decided to make the guessing game into a keenly-fought contest. The person who guesses the correct date and time when the jackpot drink is finally poured will win a night at the Water Street Inn’s St. Croix Suites, a dinner for two at Charlie’s, and of course a bottle of Jameson.

Charlie’s has gained a name as a hotspot for anything Jameson of late, with its special Jameson Club attracting over 300 members. The process for joining simple: fill a punch card which requires you to drink any ten Jameson drinks – not at one sitting! – including Jameson and Coke, Jameson and ginger ale, a traditional Irish coffee and Jameson Applejack with hot cider.

Members of the Club receive a free Jameson drink every Tuesday and half-price drinks after that, with special events held on the second Tuesday of every month. In addition to their 10,000th shot contest, Charlie’s is also holding a competition in which participants must guess the number of Jameson drinks sold at the pub this year. So far, the pub estimates that the number is over 9,000, well up on last year’s total of 7,800.

Source: irishemigrant.com


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