A Massive New Pub in Brickell

Drink in your first look at The Lucky Clover Irish Pub, the most authentic-feeling 350-seat Irish pub ever to be born on the Iberian Peninsula, opening today downtown.

Consider this sprawling watering hole—owned by restaurateurs from Spain—your destination for post-work pints and corned-beef sandwiches. Leave it to the Spaniards to go big on Celtic pride: nearly every inch of the place is covered in Dublin-esque props like antique mirrors, reclaimed signage and vintage canoes. (The Irish: huge on rowing.)

You’ll hit this place when it’s just been… one of those days (like the Monday after Basel). When the only thing that will take the edge off is a Dublin Trouble (whiskey, hazelnut, ginger ale) and a burger topped with Guinness-spiked barbecue sauce.

It’ll also serve well as a date spot (we’re thinking casual second date), where you can sit down to some Irish Rosemary Chicken chased with those whiskey cocktails on a stretch of leather couches upstairs. That’s assuming, of course, your date is pro-whiskey.

The best ones are.

Source: urbandaddy.com


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