O’Shays Irish Pub and Restaurant coming to the Grove

Shamus “Shay” Landry plans to open O’Shays Pub, an Irish restaurant and bar, at 4353 Manchester Avenue, where Newstead Tower Public House used to reside in Grove..

Landry is a first-generation American whose mother, Catherine Clinch, emigrated to the United States from Ireland as a young woman. Landry says that the new pub, named for himself “with an extra O’ for good luck” will serve both American staples, like burgers and sandwiches, and traditional Irish bar food, like Shepherd’s Pie and corned beef and cabbage – as well as some items that straddle the categories, like an Irish Slinger. Pizza will be available whenever the bar is open and the kitchen is closed.

Landry says that the full bar, presided over by veteran mixologist Pablo Coluccio, will pour a complete range of local, craft, draft/bottled, and imported beers.

Landry said that he chose the Grove to take advantage of the eclectic crowd that gathers almost every night in the Grove to eat, dance, listen to music, and drink at a growing array of clubs, bars, and restaurants. O’Shay’s will be, said Landry, an easy place to go in jeans or club clothes and enjoy a drink or dinner with friends.

Likely hours: Tuesday -Thursday 11-9, bar till 1:30am; Friday-Saturday 11-10, bar till 1:30am; Sunday 11-8, bar until midnight.

O’Shay’s warm Irish interior was created by Checkmate Design and Restoration St Louis.

Source: thegrovestl.com


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