New store in store at A Terrible Beauty Irish pub

A Terrible Beauty Irish Pub, has a new store. Not a whole new restaurant but something unique in West Seattle since it is a store within a store. The Irish Market, open now (but still waiting for a few finishing touches) features a wide range of Irish merchandise, all actually from the emerald isle. T-shirts, hoodies, rugby shirts, and baseball caps some featuring the Guinness name and others branded for the restaurant are available.

The Irish Market inside A Terrible Beauty carries a lot of Irish goods from T-Shirts to hoodies to rugby shirts to foods all imported from Ireland. CLICK THE PHOTO ABOVE TO SEE MORE

Croaker, and Landsdowne brands are in store too and both men’s and women’s styles are here.

But it is a restaurant after all, so a range of food items is in the somewhat tiny space as well. Items like black and white pudding, cheeses, bangers and rashers, Irish butter, soda bread and rye bread, home made baked fresh daily sausage rolls, cornish posties, chicken curry pies plus irish beverages from tea to soda pop. Also in store are unique Irish snack items like Tayto Roasted Chicken flavor potato chips.

Owner, Jenna Shannon Garvey-O’Brien said, “I was raised on this stuff so I just want to come in and eat it all.”

The T-shirts, hoodies and rugby shirts run from $10 to $65. Pointing to a rugby shirt O’Brien said, “You couldn’t buy that in Ireland for $65 and if you bought it online you’d have to pay import taxes and shipping so it’s a very good price.”

The sizes in Ireland are a bit smaller so check your size carefully O’brien cautioned.

The store is similar to but larger than one the company has in place at its Renton location and sales, even though the store has only been functional for a couple of days are already doing well according to O’Brien.

Christmas decorations are there now too (ornaments from Guinness).

Queensryche Pre-Show Party

In other news from the restaurant, Queensryche the Seattle/Bellevue progressive heavy metal band that rose to fame in the 1980s will be hosting their Official Queensryche pre-show party and Whip Ale event at A Terrible Beauty on Dec. 16.

O’Brien who knows the members of the band said they are coming to the restaurant to play a little music, share some Insania Wine (singer and saxophonist Geoff Tate’s own label) and some Whip Ale (the ale owned by singer and guitarist Michael Wilton). A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these products will go to benefit local food banks.

The band makes a local appearance at the Emerald Queen Casino on Dec. 17.

Source: Patrick Robinson,


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