When Will Charlie’s Irish Pub Pour the 10,000th Shot of Jameson?

Charlie’s Irish Pub expects to sell its 10,000th pour of Jameson Irish Whiskey some time in December—and the pub is celebrating with a “Guess the Time and Date” contest.

Credit Shawn Hogendorf

Here’s how it works: Simply walk into Charlie’s—located inside of the Water Street Inn—this month and make your guess.

If you’re right, the winner will receive a night in one of the Water Street Inn’s St. Croix Suites, dinner for two at Charlie’s and a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey.

Charlie’s Irish Pub has been working to increase their Jameson sales over the past six years, said Chuck Dougherty, owner of the Water Street Inn. Jameson sales have increased every year – and “this has been a great year with the help of Jameson providing promotions and the Jameson Girls coming out over the summer giving free tastings.”

The pub also has more than 300 members of the Jameson Club.

“Anyone that gets a full punch card becomes a member of the club,” Dougherty said. “To fill a card you need to drink 10 of our special Jameson drinks (not all at the same time).”

Club members then get a free Jameson drink every Tuesday and half-price drinks after that, Dougherty said. In addition, the second Tuesday of every month, the pub does “something special for members,” he said.

The pub is also hosting a second contest asking patrons to guess the number of Jameson drinks sold in 2011. Last year, Charlie’s sold a total of 7,800 Jameson drinks—and the total year to date is more than 9,000 drinks.

10 Ways to Enjoy Jameson at Charlie’s
Jameson Hot Apple (Jameson Applejack and hot cider)
Jameson on the Rocks
Irish Snow Shoe (Jameson, Dr. Fireball and Peppermint Schnapps on the rocks)
Jameson Ginger Ale (This is Charlie’s No. 1 selling drink)
Jameson and Coke
Traditional Irish Coffee (Jameson, coffee, sugar and whipped cream)
Cinnamon Butterfly (Jameson Irish Cream, Kahlua Cinnamon on the rocks)
Jameson Winter (Jameson, Amaretto, Gran Marnier, hot chocolate and whipped cream)
Pot of Gold (Jameson, Goldschlager and Jagermeister as a shot)
Jameson Crisp Apple (Jameson Applejack, cranberry and ginger ale)

Source: Shawn Hogendorf, stillwater.patch.com


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