Irish folk trio Flyin’ Column leads musical resurgence at McMurphy’s

Music is back at McMurphy’s Pub in Auburn where Irish folk band Flyin’ Column will perform next Wednesday.

The folk band, which is reminiscent of the Clancy Brothers or the Kingston Trio, is playing at the Holiday Inn’s pub once a month in an attempt to bring music back for patrons.

Band member and banjo player Don Meixner said the groups core audience tends to be older fans who have followed the central New York band for years, but that younger fans are starting to take interest.

“People who like us just like songs that tell stories,” Meixner said. “We’re not going to impress many metal heads, that’s for sure. We are a more acoustic, traditional, vocal music.

The three-man group performs traditional classics such as “Danny Boy,” “The Wild Colonial Boy” and “Ringsend Rose,” but also sing their own original pieces as well.

The band has performed at the pub already this year, and Meixner said he hopes that attendance continues to grow as more people learn about the live entertainment.

“We like to think it’s just a good atmosphere,” Meixner said. “We hope people will sing along if they know they lyrics. If they don’t, the lyrics are pretty simple and easy to pick up. We also want people to clap along or get up and dance.

“We would like to fill the place, we would like to see people come in and have dinner or a drink and listen to the music and have a good time.”

The group has performed in the region for approximately 38 years and many of the members have additional Irish folk music experience outside of that.

The group has performed in Auburn in the past, and currently plans to perform at McMurphy’s Pub the first Wednesday of each month for the next year.

While the song focuses on Irish music, it’s themes are diverse enough that audiences will find plenty to listen to and enjoy.

“Some songs are just pure blood thirsty and others are so full of tears that mothers will cry when they hear them,” Meixner said.

Source: Nate Robson,


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