Poway Bar Stays Open for Thankful Customers

Every year, Patrick’s Irish Pub serves a Thanksgiving dinner to people who don’t have anywhere to go.

You won’t find it on the menu, but when it comes to the holidays Patrick’s Irish Pub offers more than whiskey and the customary bar food. A Thanksgiving feast is part of the service, too.

Credit Jennifer Jonassen

“It’s just open to people who have nowhere to go,” said Vicki Morgan, manager and bartender who’s been at Patrick’s for eight years. “The bar is technically not open for service; we just open the doors and feed people.”

Morgan says the event began among the bar’s employees who would otherwise spend the holiday alone and quickly spread to include patrons.

“It was just a natural thing to do,” she said. “If you’re going to have a big meal and a big place to do it in, open the doors to everyone.”

A “full spread” was served, and as many as 25 people came by for a bite.

Source: Annie Lane, poway.patch.com


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