Hobbit pub may open to humans

A Pub built for the filming of “The Hobbit” in New Zealand may become fully operational as a tourist attraction.

Professional blogger Eric Vespe, who was invited by the film’s Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson to blog from the set of the 3D film project, has let slip that The Green Dragon, a famous inn from J.R.R. Tolkein’s fantasy book, has the potential to become a working pub.

He noted it was built on the set of Hobbit village Hobbiton, near Matamata on New Zealand’s North Island, with a “functioning fireplace, plumbing, water pipes and the works.”

Mr Vespe wrote that production designer Dan Hennah said the plans were to turn it into a real pub, but added, “That’s all on the landowner at this point, I believe.”

“I can picture many a geek wedding happening in Matamata, vows under the Party Tree and reception at The Green Dragon. Ah, geek love!”

A permanent stone bridge and 44 so-called Hobbit holes (the human-like creatures’ homes) have also been built on the site to make a “long lasting attraction for fans of the movies,” he wrote.

When contacted by the Waikato Times, Matamata Public Relations Association manager Sue Whiting was unable to comment on the prospect of The Green Dragon opening for business, but said tourist interest in the area was near the peak levels seen when “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy was filmed.

Source: News.com.au


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