Cork’s Opens In Its New Location

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

It boasts the most gorgeous bar counter on Old Main Street.

Inside the new Cork's on a Sunday afternoon. Credit Karyn McCann

So says Cork Miller, who is the “Cork” behind the new bar Cork’s, 424 Old Main St. It was known as Cork’s Cigar Bar just a few weeks ago when it was located on the east side of Old Main Street. After much anticipation and hard work, the popular, quirky watering hole has reopened on the west side of the street.

Known simply as Cork’s, for now, Miller said, the new place features a more upscale environment with a polished, smooth bar top, colored lighting and wine bottles on display in the cubbies embedded in the 1920s-era brick walls. The cigars are on their way. The humidor was still under construction as of press time but should be installed this weekend, Miller said.

The downstairs took five months to complete but there’s more work ahead. Miller and his staff plan to renovate the upstairs into a private cigar lounge, meeting space and offices.

“We built our own bar,” he said. “We built it with the help of family, good friends, Desoto (Hernando Desoto Historical Society crewe) and bar tabs.”

There isn’t an official grand opening planned just yet, but plenty of entertainment this weekend. Live music is scheduled for Friday night, DJ music Saturday, an open blues jam on Sunday and more live music from the Muphin Men on Monday.

Source: Tim W. McCann,


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