Meet Kieran Folliard and try 2 Gingers™ Irish Whiskey at MGM Maple Grove

Thursday, 17th November, 2011

2 GINGERS IRISH WHISKEY™ limited pre-launch release for purchase in liquor stores. Kieran Folliard’s new Irish whiskey headquartered in Northeast Minneapolis will have 12,000 Founders Edition bottles for sale in Minnesota liquor stores on November 17th 2011, with tastings and bottle signings on the 17th, 18th, and 19th – just in time for the holidays.

Details. 2 GINGERS™ will be delivering 12,000 bottles of Irish whiskey to Minnesota liquor stores November 17th through November 23rd. These 750mL bottles will be available for purchase only while supplies last – each collectible bottle carries a Founders Edition seal on the back label and was bottled in a small batch in Princeton, Minnesota. Founder Kieran Folliard will be in select liquor stores for bottle signing and tasting events through the weekend (schedule to be posted at

This limited release will be followed up in January 2012 with a restocking of liquor stores and full launch to retail locations statewide. This batch (and subsequent shipments) will be bottled, labeled, and shipped directly from Ireland under the import license of 2 GINGERS WHISKEY CO., LLC. The recipe for the Big Ginger™ will be free for the taking for use in bars and restaurants. To mix a Big Ginger™ fill a Collins glass with ice, pour 2 oz. 2 GINGERS™ IRISH WHISKEY, top up with ginger ale, and wedge with both lemon and lime… funny how the colors look like the Irish flag.

The Beginning. 2 GINGERS IRISH WHISKEY™ was originally introduced in March 2011 at the Cara Irish Pubs (Kieran’s Irish Pub, The Local, The Liffey, and Cooper), where it earned a large and loyal following. At the time, Kieran Folliard was CEO of Cara Irish Pubs but has since sold his shares in the company to the other partners in order to make 2 GINGERS™ available to the greater market. Kieran calls the transition “the next leg of the journey” and is happy to embark, but the selling of those shares was thanks only to a law leftover from the prohibition era that prohibits any pub owner from also owning a liquor sales or production company. Kieran jokingly calls it “separation of church and state.” For more information on the state’s three-tier system, see chapter 340A of the Minnesota statues.

Cooley Distillery. 2 GINGERS IRISH WHISKEY™ is distilled at the Cooley Distillery in County Louth, Ireland. Cooley was named “World Distiller of the Year” at the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) in 2008, “European Distiller of the Year” by IWSC in 2008 and 2009, and “Distillery of the Year” in 2010 by Malt Advocate magazine. Cooley has won over 300 medals and is the last independent, Irish-owned distillery in Ireland.

Flavor. 2 GINGERS™ is a smooth, malty, and slightly sweet blend with some spicy wood flavor that carries a suggestion of vanilla and caramel to the finish. Though most Irish whiskeys are triple-distilled, 2 GINGERS™ is double-distilled, which allows for the spirit to maintain a higher concentration of flavor. As it translates to imbibing, the double-distilled 2 GINGERS™ can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks but also holds its own in a mixed cocktail. 2 GINGERS™ is aged four years, and inherits a smoothness and complexity that only a bourbon barrel finish can bring.

Big Ginger™. The trademarked cocktail, the Big Ginger™, sets 2 GINGERS™ as a brand apart, as the local marketplace already shows a demand for and loyalty to it. The Big Ginger™ is a phenomenon that brings both whiskey- and cross-drinkers (those who drink spirits in addition to their usual order of wine or beer) to the same countertop. The staff at 2 GINGERS WHISKEY™ and the distillers at Cooley have nicknamed the Big Ginger™ “the Converter,” as it consistently turns whiskey skeptics into customers with an unlikely favorite cocktail.

Mission. The mission of 2 GINGERS WHISKEY CO., LLC is to “encourage individuals to move forward and act on their ideas.” It reflects Kieran’s own entrepreneurial spirit and credo of knowing oneself and moving ahead with ideas that get the heart and mind racing. Kieran and the staff of 2 GINGERS™ all value and thrive on pub (and office) banter, as it it helps not only to develop and reinforce gut feelings, but also to encourage people to take the sometimes daunting leap from dreaming to doing.

A challenge makes life rich and a gathering at the pub makes life interesting. Kieran quotes his friend, fellow Irishman, and ex-business partner Peter Killen when he is asked what he loves about the whiskey business: “What’s the last good idea you had over a cup of coffee?”

[for further details on this event, click on this link]

Source: 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey

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