A New Drink Den Hits The Sunset Strip: Rock & Reilly’s

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Somehow the name got slightly confused, but remember that brief mention back in May of The Cat Club relaunching under a new name? Well this here is it, a new drinking, dining, and drinking destination under the name Rock & Reilly’s which [opened on] 11-11-11 at 11:11AM.

This gussied up Irish pub actually takes over a space with Sunset Strip history. In the 1960s the venue served as London Fog, where Jim Morrison and The Doors were the first house band. Now, the hipstered bar is bedazzled with guns, animal heads, and the usual assortment of booze propaganda.

The bi-level 150-seat space comes with an antique photo booth, functioning suspended whiskey barrel, and 14 flat screens. On the mezzanine level one will also find a newly added private backyard deck, likely to be used when it warms up more.

While there’s obviously beer served here, the focus is on whiskey and whiskey-based intoxicants. R&R stocks 45 whiskeys, beer flights are served in mini-Mason jars, and this is the only spot in LA to offer Magners Irish Cider on tap. To soak up some of the alky, a whole slew of grilled cheese creations appear on the menu, in addition to a few burgers, salads, and staples like nachos, chili, and mac and cheese. R&R is open daily from 11AM-2AM.

Source: Kat Odell, la.eater.com

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